One month in Ecuador

We have been in Ecuador for one month as of today!

Thank God for the following:

1) Providing our Visas so smoothly! Not only that, we also have our carnet (our ID in Ecuador), our censo ( a census, certifying you are going to stay in Ecuador), and our new bank accounts with ATM cards! Praise the Lord!

2) Spanish lessons that have helped us alot this month!

3) Work! Both of us have started work (English classes at the moment) – ST teaches 1 class and starting next month, I’ll have 3 classes in total. It’s probably going to be a little challenging for me because classes start very early and all my 3 classes are different levels, so I have to prepare all three classes anew. Good to start preparing now though, so that in the future I’ll be fluent in teaching all these levels. Good to have more income and the opportunity to meet more locals too!

4) Church! Both of us have preached/translated our first sermon in church service and the people have received it well so far! PTL! And service attendance has gone up the past 2 weeks! Pray it stays that way as the regulars start returning to church and getting their lives in order by the grace of God!

5) Cooking! We have started learning to cook and have cooked a few meals for the family by ourselves! Though there were a few booboos here and there (for e.g. PR spilled water all over the floor because the vege basin dropped! and ST was so bored with frying fish in small pieces that he looked unhappy enough to never cook again), we have cooked pretty yummy meals! SluRpz~

Thank God for our first month past without missing Singapore too much! There have been many learnings and answered prayers. A wonderful month. 🙂 PTL!

Prayer Points:
1) Pray for protection. Some members have sudden illnesses, or have been facing sudden strange situations recently. And also recently there have been cases of Chinese being kidnapped and foreigners being stabbed (as in ST’s previous blog). Pray for us for spiritual protection agnst the devil’s plot to discourage us and stop us from growing. We’ll put on the armor of God and stand firm! Pray for physical protection and health as well.

2) Pray for our spanish to continue to improve speedily so that we can really connect with the people. Now we can make simple conversation, but it’s still important to be able to connect deeply. Pray for ST especially!

3) Pray for our jobs:
ST’s chinese classes – As the economy and political situation here is not very stable yet, many foreign firms are unsure whether to spend money on classes. Pray for the companies to be assured, stable and willing to invest in Mandarin classes so ST can start teaching Mandarin next year! It brings a better income and fits ST’s giftings more.
PR’s English classes – As mentioned above, I have 3 different levels to prepare, and for the two new classes, I’m taking over another teacher. Pray that the students will find favor with me and my style of teaching, and that I’ll be able to prepare my lessons well and impact the students. These are professionals, pray that they will be good contacts that we can sow on too!

4) Pray that as we take on more roles in church and more classes, we will have good time management and will be able to cope well with the transitions. We will be doing more in service next month, such as chairing, praise and worship and leading offering and announcements. Pray that the Lord will anoint us with more of His spirit to bring His people into His presence, and also that we will be discerning and humble to learn and evaluate! Pray that ST who is starting to teach CG sessions and DMM sessions soon, will be able to impart well and share the WoG clearly!

5) Pray for the service and the people to continue to grow in Christ. As some of the people who did not come for service for a while, start to come back, pray for them to be convicted and commited to growing in God. Pray also that as the Christmas season draws near, we will gain momentum as a church to bring others not just for one Christmas service, but many services to come where they will hear the Word of God and experience a changed life!

6) Pray for the other South American teams – Peru and Brazil to have their visas approved quickly and surely. 🙂 Pray for the new sanctuary that Peru has to be a blessed place of birth for many more new committed Christians, and for God to provide for their rental of the place. Pray for Chile, they are embarking to Chile this month, pray for the new team to gel together and have a safe trip and transition!



  1. Hi ST & PR,
    I jus chanced upon ur blog thru the church mission website.
    Encouraged by ur stories…
    I will “promote” ur blog in our sub-district website too, so u will get more comments 😀
    Take care! God bless…

  2. I have been following through your blog and I am really inspired by them. Really happy to see how God has been working in your lives and how he is using you to impact the people there and how he uses your talents to extend his Kingdom. =D Keep updating so that we can pray for you.

  3. Thanks HQ! Great to hear from you! 🙂
    Yes, God has been very good to us.. Lots more to improve and learn, but it has been fun!

    How are you? How’s wedding preps coming along? 🙂 Drop us a mail with your prayer requests too!

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