Fundación Remar

Here are some photos from our community service at Fundación Remar on Saturday!

These children stay at the home because their parents are either too busy to take care of them or are unable to take care of them… One little boy had such dry skin, his whole face was peeling and the other kids were afraid of him. But I think he should be fine after putting some cream, moisturizer. The next time we go, we’ll bring a bottle for him.

They are really a bunch of lovely, active, fun-loving and adorable children. They may not come from a very safe and secure family, but their simple faith and child-like spirit really rubbed off on us.

We taught them a few English words this saturday and also sang some christian songs with actions together. They taught me some games – like this catching game where you run around in circles and keep asking the ‘monster’ what he/she is doing until he/she says “I’m coming to eat you now!” and then we all go “Ahhhhhhh!!!!” and run off in different directions to avoid the monster. Another one is similar to our pepsi-cola-1-2-3 where you try to step on each others’ shoes. I was quite tired from the running.. out of breath, perhaps due to lack of exercise and also due to the thin air in Quito. haha..  We also gave them biscuits and sweets. Boy do these kids love SWEETS. Many of them kept asking for more lollipops and cookies. I kept looking at them in shock and reminding them that they will have no more teeth soon. haha..

They are really very lovable and some when they hugged me, told us not to go.. 😦 “We’ll see you very very soon!!!” I said. It was an enjoyable experience. It’s a privilege to be able to bless them, and I think they bless us too, with their joy, laughter and friendship. I look forward to our next meeting. Nos vemos pronto, niños!!


  1. Really nice pictures you have there!
    The kids seems to have plenty of fun.. God take cares of them, even though they do not have parents to care for them, and I believe God send you guys there to manifest His love.
    Keep posting the pictures and share your stories!
    Brother Joseph

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