I am so proud of my wife!!!

Wow! Today Peiru did the spanish translation for the entire sermon and she did a great job. There were good compliments on her spanish and people understood her. It was really a breakthrough for her. =)

There are new challenges for us every month and the next one will be for me to teach in spanish to the core team in Nov. Continue to pray for us as we try many new things for God this year. =) We will upload the pictures of our community project at the orphanage soon. Stay tuned!



  1. wow thats is really awesome! Until now, i haven’t done any translation, what more, a translation of an entire sermon! You guys really inspire me to do something about my spanish…hehee…

    well done!

  2. ehz.. thanks thanks! :p but i didn’t translate on-the-fly! not that good yet, though I sure hope I can do it soon! I practiced with a translated script.. with my spanish teacher’s help and WL, the preacher that day.. of coz, added on his own stories in spanish on his own.. ahhaha.. but still, it was a breakthrough indeed. thank God!

    yeahz! You can do it too! Let’s work hard for God together! 🙂

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