First times for the lady

Shenteng preached his first sermon yesterday and this coming week, I’ll be translating the sermon and doing offering.. woah.. i think it’ll be the first time i speak soooo much spanish at a go. Pray for me that I’ll not just be fluent, but also impactful. It’s a sermon!! I can’t just read from the paper.. need to know my stuff well…so I speak with conviction and more eye-contact… hah.. God help me! Lord, I need a fluent tongue, mega memory and most importantly, more of your spirit!


Oh, I realized from the schedule that I’ll be leading offering quite often. Anybody has stories and relevant testimonies or interesting ways to lead offering, do share with me!


I just started my first English class today. It’s supposed to be a group class but only 1 student at the moment… haha.. she’s a pilates instructor! She’s from Chile and has been in Ecuador for a long time! cool.. maybe i could learn Pilates from her next time. Interestingly, the administration made a mistake and told me my class was a Business English class when it’s actually a General English class, so i have the wrong textbook.. hahaha.. oh well..


Do pray for me so that I will be a good English teacher and even be able to bring my students to church and re-commit to God!






  1. Sí, hermana! Por favor, ora por mi! Necesito el poder de Dios..!
    No es impresionante todavia.. jajaja.. tengo con un poquito miedo y estoy nervioso..
    Es una tarea dificile pero es un buen tiempo para depende en Dios..! 🙂

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