First Sermon

I woke up early about 730am to pray and prepare my heart for my first sermon in Ecuador. After spending some time with God and reading the bible, God encouraged me with this verse from Proverbs 25:25. It says ” Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land”. God reminded me that I have travelled a long distance from Singapore to share to them the good news of Jesus and that He will encourage His people with His Word today. He spoke to me that people in Ecuador are tired physically and emotionally, and they need to hear His Word to have hope again.

After that, I checked my email and saw a link from an old friend. She shared to me about this beautiful chinese song which I listened and was very encouraged. It is a song about prayer and the first time I heard this song was through Tianlong during the Sunday Service. The lyrics are meaningful and touching. Below is the link to this song:

When we arrived in church to practise P&W and prepare for the service, we were glad that quite a number of people had arrived. Wanphing gave English lesson to a few of them at 10am while some of us help set up and prepare for the service. About 11am, the service started with a short game and after that was the P&W. It was a good time praising and worshiping God in Spanish with all the brothers and sisters in church. There were 20 over people in the service.

When it was my turn to preach, I was pretty nervous but I told myself to just do it. On the night before, I had practised the sermon with Weeleng and Peiru respectively, so I just told myself to do the same thing again. Everything went on rather smoothly and Weeleng was a good translator. 🙂 He helped me a lot by giving me cues. For example, he signalled me to slow down when people were taking down notes. The sermon was about managing anger and people seemed to be able to relate to some parts of the message. I think they enjoyed a few of my personal stories and I was glad that they were rather attentive. I pray that they will be able to apply some of the ways to manage anger in their lives.

After the service, some of the brothers and sisters came up to encourage me that it was a good message for them and I was happy to be able to share life with them through the sermon. One of them came up to ask me how long I have been playing the violin because I mentioned to them that sometimes when I feel stressed, I play the violin. Peiru told me that I could improve by standing more still when I preached. I felt that I need to put in more effort to have more gestures and actions so that the deliverance can be improved. I will continue to work hard on my preaching. 🙂

Thank God for the wonderful service today! It’s time to prepare my lessons again. I am going to teach English from Monday to Thursday next week. Pray for me to plan interesting and creative lessons. =)


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