Granizo y tormentas en Quito

This October, the weather in Quito is rather predictable. In the morning, the sun shines and it’s usually warm. And in the afternoon, it usually rains. It can get quite cold at night or when it rains.

The past few days, it rained a lot! ST and I were caught in the rain with one tiny umbrella on Tuesday. It was difficult to catch a cab so we walked home. The lightning was scary, stretching across the entire sky, and it looked very near to us. We were super drenched by the time we reached home. Drenched from the thighs down! Shoes were soaked in water and till today, Friday, my sports shoes are still wet. Our Spanish teacher, Esthella couldn’t make it for lesson that day because it was raining so heavily!

The next day, she told us that it rained ICE at her area! A hail! She described it to us, that it was quite amazing, you could not see water on the windows because it was ICE. And you could only hear the ice bouncing off the windows and the streets. And after a while of hail, the storm came. Torrential rain. She said the streets and the parks were white with ice, and it looked like snow!

Eramos mojados a miércoles porque llovió muchos y Tim y yo teníamos sólo un paraguas. Hubia muchos rayos y truenos! Nuestra professora de español, Esthella, nos dijo que hay granizo en su área, en Quito! ¡Llovió el hielo! No hemos visto granizo nunca! No hay granizo en Singapur.. jeje.. Ella nos describió que esto se parece el nieve! Las parques y las calles son blancas! Hay granizo a menudo en Quito?? Hmm, es peligroso, si? Espero que puedo ver granizo… jajaja.. pero espero que estoy en mi casa!

Wow, what an experience.. I hope to see hail someday.. though it IS dangerous.. everyone has to hide. I hope I’m in the house if I get to see hail… heh.. :p




  1. Haha.. thinking of using a metal umbrella?! Do take care of yourself yah? Change of weather can cause people to get sick easily.

  2. Hey nic! Wah.. use metal umbrella to watch the hail..? errrrr…. what if lightning strikes? hehehehe…

    Yeah, learning to wear the right clothes when we go out at different times of the day and to always be prepared with an umbrella.. haha..

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