Good teaching experience

Thank God that my first lesson went on well on Tues. My student was friendly and easy to get along with. She seems to be in quite a high position in the company as she is the only one with an office of her own in the whole level. Anyway, we had a good chat before the lesson started. I introduced myself and Singapore to her and after that, she shared to me about her family. I had to speak very slowly because her English is rather weak. But it was encouraging to see my student taking down notes even when I was doing introduction. I also taught her simple past tense and a few questioning techniques through a game. She seemed to enjoy the lesson and I was glad that everything went well.

It was my first time teaching a professional English and I had to admit that I was nervous. By the grace of God, it was a good start and I pray that both my student and I will learn much more about the English language along the way. I also thank God for my wife who woke up earlier to prepare breakfast for me. She walked together with me to work (the company is 10 min walk from my house). How blessed am I! 🙂

Continue to pray for me to understand the English language much more and be able to communicate effectively. Thanks! =)



  1. It’s simply amazing… As I sit here in Singapore, you’re halfway round the globe. What an adventure! I will pray that as you try new things, you will learn a lot in the process and not be discourage with setbacks. Will pray for your preaching! Jiayou!

  2. Is really great to hear encouraging stories from your side thus far. God’s hands upon u all!
    yes, will keep u in prayers. =)

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