A public holiday and a fond goodbye

We had our caregroup on Thursday this week as Friday was a public holiday. It was a fun CG, with a short discussion on what it means to be GREAT – we learnt that to be great in Christ = servanthood. We thank God that Hope Quito consists of many who have willing hearts to serve in little ways. 🙂 Before the CG, we had a funny game of checking out each other’s BMI.. haha.. it was a very humourous and enjoyable time, daring each other to go on the weighing scale and teasing each other about our security in Christ or in our weight.

Here are some pictures!

On Friday, we enjoyed our first public holiday in Quito. Thursday, 9th Oct was the founding day of Guayaquil. Guayaquil is a coastal city in Ecuador and the biggest commercial city in Ecuador. Quito is the political capital. 🙂

We slept in and woke up later than usual and had a farewell lunch for a member, Betty who’s going off to America for a very looong time. She is the first member of Hope Quito, a memorable key person in the founding years of Hope Quito. She’s also one of the very few members who can speak very good English. It is sad to see her go, really, but we pray for her that God will continue to grant her wisdom in following His ways even in the new country she is residing in. We pray for safety for her, and that she will continue to keep close to God in the new country.

In the evening, we watched a DVD – Journey to the Centre of the Earth. That’s one of our favourite past-times here in Quito. What a relaxed church planters’ life, some of you must be thinking.. hehehe… 😉 And DVDs are very cheap here. The movie was quite good, exciting and somewhat touching – the bonding between an uncle and nephew.

In the wee hours of the early morning, we sent Betty off at the airport. Her whole family was there, a family I’m very encouraged by. The whole family has come to our church and though they stay 2 hours away from Quito, they drive down almost every Sunday to join us for service. Most of them were staunch Catholics before growing in God in Hope Quito! They are a very affectionate and endearing family. They also make us laugh a lot.. 🙂 I think they will be sweet and warm fellowship to be with. 🙂

Time to sleep.. We have service tomorrow.. A new day to praise the Lord! 🙂




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