Thanksgiving and Prayers

Thank God!

Today, the boss and wife of the chinese restaurant visited us after they went to the hospital to remove the stitches. The lady boss is very much better! Praise God!

We spent some time with time, showing them pictures of LA. WL is also helping them to speak to the US embassy to apply for their visas to transit in America. They hope to visit their children in the States, and/or to go back to china for a visit. They are not very educated and can’t speak English or Spanish very well, but they are very humble and gentle folk. Thank God that we can be of help to them! Hope to continue to be able to be a blessing to people around us, with whatever little spanish or talents we have.

In the afternoon, we also ventured out on our own to Megamaxi (as its name implies, it’s a MEGA supermarket). We bought our clothes hanger and some groceries too. 😉 And we took the taxi back home on our own! Of course, there’s some miscommunication here and there.. some “err.. no entiendo (i don’t understand)” from both us, and the taxi-driver.. hahahahaha… BUT! We reached home. 🙂 Hurray! He charged us a fare that’s a little higher than it’s supposed to be, but well.. haha.. as WL says, “it’s ok to be conned in your first few months….” hahaha… Well, let’s celebrate every single success we have first. :p

Well, truth be said, there are starting to be more and more times when we feel inadequate. This is definitely expected and we know it is also a tremendous time for us to learn to rely on God and trust in Him more. And I believe you readers will see many more testimonies too.. heehee.

PR is probably going to start teaching English officially next week. Hmm.. a little unsure what to expect, and a little fearful as it will be her first time teaching professionals, and officially teaching English. Pray for anointing and confidence in the Lord. “May I be a good teacher for you, Lord!”

Today, during a teaching with our coreteam Luis and Carol, they expressed feedback that it is better for preaching to be done in Spanish. The people are able to experience the jokes in real time. (In translation, sometimes jokes get lost or there’s a lag time for laughter.. you get what I mean..) And of course, very importantly, they’ll understand the message better and catch it faster. There is some novelty in bi-lingual preaching, but definitely, we understand and see it too, that preaching in spanish is better. We get to connect to their hearts more. This translates to… … We gotta improve our spanish… FASTER!

Thank God for a good and kind Spanish teacher now. We’ve had some very interesting conversations with her, about festivals in Ecuador, and that eventually led to discussing and understanding the different religions in Ecuador. JWs and Mormons are quite strong here and there are also some new cults such as 666 and Pare de Sufrir (Stop Suffering!). She also shared with us that 70% of Ecuadorians are Catholic, but most of them are anti-clerical, disappointed with the corruption of the church. She herself belongs to this group of people – those who believe in God, but are disappointed with the church. We do hope to be able to share life with our spanish teacher and help her to experience the abundant life we can have in God!

Dear Almighty God, be with us in learning spanish – help our tongues to articulate better, our minds to understand grammar better, help us to think, speak, write, pray, eat, sleep, drink… in Spanish!! Strengthen our hearts for the challenges ahead, and use us, to be a blessing to the people here in Ecuador. We know we are inadequate and small, and without you, we are but withered branches. But we claim your word, that with you, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, you will give wisdom to those who ask for it and also, You withhold no good thing from your people! So, help us Lord! Amen.



  1. Hey,
    hahaa, encouraged and amused at the same time on your experiences!
    We just went through our ‘Me gusta’ lessons today and read the whole of Mark1 in spanish twice. after that our tongues were just so tired we didn’t want to speak anymore Spanish!
    Take care!!

  2. Yup! I usually have to rest my mind for a while after speaking some spanish to the locals here. It really drains my brain power! -ST

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