Our cooking

As promised, some pictures of our cooking!

Some of the food don’t LOOK appetizing, but trust me, they are muy rico (very delicious)! Yesterday we cooked fish porridge and long beans. Today we made meatballs and had mushroom soup with fried lettuce. Yummilicious…~

Congratulations to our new chef….. Timothy! And thanks to our profesor de cocinar (Cooking teacher), WL! 


And one more new skill added to the database of Skills that Church-planters Learn. ;p We’re sure there’ll be more to come.. more food… and more learnings!



  1. Clar, the wife is the woman behind the man.. and the woman behind the camera!

    wahahaha.. i had a hand in rolling meatballs and preparing the ingredients! Ok, shall ask the husband to take some photos of his wife cooking too… as evidence! :p

  2. Hola!!! yo puedo dar testimonio de la exquisita comida que preparan aca en Ecuador, es realmente buena…gracias por su amabilidad y por sus ricos platos, son nuevos sabores para mi!!! uhmmm
    Timothy and Phoebe are good cooks 🙂 thx God
    PD: Josh es un excelente instructor! 🙂

  3. Gracias Katty por tu ánimo! 🙂

    Somos todavia muy nuevos a la cocina. Estamos muy contento que te gusta nuestras comidas.. jejeje.. gracias a Dios que te gusta aji! jaja..

    Hay mas oportunidades en el futuro para comemos juntos. Esperamos que las comidas serán ricisimo.. jajaja..

  4. wah, i must ask cheewee to learn cooking too…:P
    wah you can reply in spanish too…well done!

    will be praying for you and your wife…may God use both of you mightily!

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