Our First Service

We attended our first service totally in spanish yesterday! I THINK I could understand abt 70%!! wahahhahaha…. Praise the Lord!

The sermon title is “Avoiding Fatal Attractions”. It was a good sermon, sharing on how tempations start from the mind and how we should flee from temptations. Much was spoken about staying sexually pure before marriage and faithfulness in marriage. A very important point because in Ecuador, moral values about sex and marriages are not strong and alot of problems arise from this.

Luis chaired and led an ice-breaker. Very well done! Thank God for this brother! He had all of us doing silly things, following instructions on a pc of paper, only to find that the final instruction was to discard all the previous instructions. haha.. nobody won the prize because all of us didn’t read ALL the instructions before we did them. (Well… actually I could have won because my spanish is rather poor and I wasn’t following the instructions as fast as the rest… hahahahahah!) He used this to illustrate the importance of reading the Bible thoroughly. 🙂 Interesting huh? 🙂 Carol also led PnW. 🙂

We also celebrated the birthdays of October boys.. They are.. 1) our pastor – WL aka Joshua, 2) Daniel – a very talented musician, and 3) Alejo (abbrev.) also a guitarist. 🙂 The people were very open to share and encourage each other. We also had a very yummy pastel con frutillas (strawberry pie)! sluRpz.~

Here are some pics!

Check out the hugging culture! Ecuadorians are a very affectionate bunch. 😀


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