New experiences for the week

In no particular order except the way I remember…

1) Chinese Hooligans

2 days ago we visited the boss (and wife) of a simple Chinese restaurant that serves really nice comida china (chinese food). WL and WP (and soon, us) are regular visitors there and have become good friends with them. This was a special visit as the boss’ wife was injured. She had been beaten up by a fellow Chinese immigrant who was quite hooliganish. Apparently, the thug had been stealing chopsticks from the restaurant and when the lady boss asked him not to take the chopsticks, he became angry and beat her up. Her left eye was swollen and she had to receiveΒ 10 stitches! Thank God it was not fatal!

We had a good chat with them and found out that due to the relaxed regulations over visas (now all nationalies can come into Ecuador as tourists for 3 mths without visas), there had been a huge influx of chinese ‘tourists’ who are trying to get permits to go to U.S. or other S. American countries. As such, the chinese community in Quito have been plagued by some of these ‘immigrants’ who are uneducated and tend to form gangs to extort money from the Chinese.

We pray that the lady boss will be healed quickly and they will not be under the threat of the gangsters anymore. Due to the fright, they are having thoughts of closing the business and leaving for good. Pray for wisdom in handling the situation and that the situation will improve! Pray too that the new government will grow in wisdom in managing the country. Pray too, that the impression of the locals of the Chinese community will not be tarnished by these black sheep.

2) Caregroup

We had caregroup on Friday evening. We watched Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe together and after that WL shared about the allusions the video has with the gospel. πŸ™‚ There were quite a few visitors! We have very invitational sisters in our midst. Praise God! The people enjoyed the movie and some friends who had watched the movie once before, saw the movie from a different light this time. A friend called Jesus (seems alot of them have this name here.. :p ) told us he learned new things.

We tried communicating with some of the friends and brothers and sisters in Spanish and they were glad to see our Spanish has improved from last year. Thank God for our spanish teacher and also the spanish fellowship in SG for helping us improve!! πŸ™‚ We’re also very thankful that the locals are understanding and they tried to speak slower for us. πŸ™‚ It was a great encouragement to be able to strike at least simple conversations with them!

3) VISAS!!

Our visas are done!! πŸ™‚ Praise the Lord! It’s really been amazingly smooth! WL was amazed that the school director was willing to go down to the MFA with us (usually, she just sends her adminstrator to do it) and see that everything goes well. The administrator says he has retrieved our passports back from MFA and we can get them back from him on Monday. πŸ™‚ God’s hand has really been strong with us in this. Glory be to Him!

4) Cooking and Food

We’re learning cooking from WL and WP. It’s quite easy and fun actually. hee.. Thank God for this couple who is really mentoring us in everything – from spanish to ministry to our entire life (how to buy things, where to pay bills, how to take buses)! We really appreciate their patience and help.. πŸ™‚

We’ve cooked dark sauce ginger chicken, asparagus, brinjals and egg, and meatballs! Hee.. we ate them all up and forgot to take pictures.. :p Shall take some pictures next week to put up.. haha.

Here’s pictures of a new snack we tried here. Guess what it is!


It’s……… fried pork lard.. hahahaha.. ok, it tastes not too bad.. but knowing that it’s pork lard.. we don’t feel like eating too much. Better to mix some chips inside. :p Apparently, locals love it! hehe..

5) Service

Tomorrow will be the first service we’re attending officially! πŸ™‚ ST will be playing the guitar. I’ll be observing first. We’re excited to see the church and be part of them.

God, help us be good ministers and help us connect, know and love them as you do! Amen.

~ PR


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