Our house in Ecuador

We stay in a very nice and cosy house here. It’s like a mini condo-style apartment. Cool.. hehe.

Here are some pics!

The apartment blocks are quite new so facilities are good, water bills are included in the rent. πŸ™‚ Gas is very cheap here too. And we have simple cable tv.. haha.. does it sound like we’re having a good life here? woohoo~ PTL. hehe

The weather is rather cool here. I wear longs all the time. Especially at night! This morning ST went to jog and he came back sweatless and said he doesn’t wanna jog again! Coz it’s cold and the air is probably thinner since Quito is so high up. Think we’ll settle for strolling and perhaps the gym downstairs (Yes, there’s a new gym!) when it’s open. πŸ™‚
It’s very dry too. My macho husband who doesn’t like to put moisturizer or anything on his face, is saying YES to moisturizer this time. Easy to get cracked lips, dry hands. Need to drink lots of water. πŸ™‚
We had our first spanish lesson today too. All spanish in spanish lesson, taught by a native. No more English! We learnt the different parts of the body and how to say ‘above, below, in front of, beside, behind…’ etc. Good and simple start. Have some homework to do. Shall go work on it now.
Take care guys! See ya next time.
~ PR


  1. Pls ensure the guard do not work more than 12 hrs a day ah. ok, kidding :p

    Indeed looks like u guys are having fun. This new life looks happening. hehe..Jiayou!!

  2. Hola ambos,

    Q bueno q ustds tienen una blog! It’s a great way 2keep in touch. Super Feliz tt both of u + sus maletas arrived intact in Quito!
    Looking forward to mas testimonios as you continue in this new phase of life. jia you ah!

  3. Sha!! haha.. zhi ye bing…. hahaha.. no i think the guard changes at 4 or 5pm daily.. should be fine.. haha…

    Si, debemos mas testimonios y milagros! we look forward too.. but think there’s going to be first, a testing period as we try to connect and communicate and participate in spanish… heh.. keep praying for us!

  4. Your place looks really nice and thank GOD for watching over you both and your belongings. i really laughed at the thought of Shenteng using moisturizer.. hee hee..

  5. Really good life…church planting is not so bad afterall, we lose to gain what is BETTER earthly and heavenly… haha…

  6. Your place looks cosy, nice! Glad to hear you both settling in rather well. Haha believe your spanish will improve v much soon =) I just finished marking papers for EOY exams, able to take a breather.. Preparing for a trip with my GB gals. Looking fwd to what God will do in this trip =) keep in touch. Hear from you soon =)

  7. hey both!

    everything you have written here is so cool. The place is so nice la, man still got gym. ST must be really happy.

    Looking forward to hear from updates from here. It really inspires Gwen and myself for the future. We will meet again next year!

  8. Hi Dennis,

    Good to hear from you! =)

    Whichever country you are going in the future, remember to start learning the language earlier so that you can connect with the locals.

    Meanwhile, hope that your marriage plan with Gwen is progressing well. Take care. πŸ™‚

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